Brigid Harrington
Brigid Harrington
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Brigid Harrington

Brigid Harrington
Brigid Harrington

Brigid in front of Hot Head Studios before recording Nickelodeon segments
Brigid in front of Hot Head Studios on one of her session days for Nickelodoen

Brigid's voice and Nickelodeon...Perfect Together!

Doing the intro bumpers for many of Nickeloden's most Iconic shows, Go Diego Go, The Backyardigans, Ni Hao, Kai-lan, and The Fresh Beat Band was such an honor for Brigid. She had so much fun using her youthful energy to excite young ones across the country about their favorite show "coming up now!"

What got Brigid even more excited is that she was able to sing. She was so happy to sing parts of the opening theme songs for these shows in the bumpers. A strong singing voice along with her voice over talents was just what Nickeloden needed. On top of that, Brigid was able to also master Spanish words when needed. All her talents came together as a perfect combination for success.

One of the "BrainBoosters" educational segments Brigid recorded for Nick Jr.

At Home in Times Square

Brigid had already recorded two seasons of bumpers when she was asked to record something special - specifically for the Nick Jr. Channel. They were educational segments for preschoolers that taught them about letters and patterns. In these longer segments Brigid was able to clearly explain teaching concepts. These segments were fun and rewarding to do.

Additionally Brigid was called to record other special segments for the Nick Jr. Channel. She voiced different characters in slide show type presentations. These segments explained events like a family's trip to China. Brigid talked about the different cultural parts of the trip and the excitement of trying new things. These educational pieces were very entertaining and effective. Brigid loves working for Nickeloden in her own backyard, Times Square.

Bumpers & Singing Intros
A series of intros and singing bumpers for The Backyardigans.

A "BrainBoosters" segment for Nick Jr.

Brigid got to sing a little of the theme song in this Go Diego Go show bumper.

Brigid does the voice of "Hannah" in this educational segment about Chinese culture during Ni-Hao Ki Lan's "Great Trip to China" episode.

Brigid Harrington