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Mary Poppins on Broadway
Brigid Harrington

Brigid Harrington
Brigid Harrington

Brigid Harrington Debuts on Broadway as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins!

Not long after Brigid first appeared on stage at 6 years of age, she dreamed of one day being on Broadway. That dream came true on May 10th, 2011 at the New Amsterdam Theater as Brigid took the stage as Jane Banks in the smash Broadway hit Mary Poppins.

Her journey was 5 years of hard work and commitment... from community, through the top regional theater. Singing, acting, and dancing almost every day with so many talented actors and teachers. Brigid's initial spark on stage along with her natural talent and instincts bloomed as she became a complete actor. All she needed was the call to come.

It did. After auditioning, Brigid was called back for her first workshop for Mary Poppins. Brigid had a great time and thought she did well. She told her parents that if she was offered the part that they had to tell her immediately, no matter where she was.

When her Manager called with the good news, Brigid was in school. The only

Brigid Harrington performs at the SYTA Event
Jesse Swimm & Brigid Harrington
problem was that her parents were asked to not tell anyone until a public announcement was made. So, keeping their word, they went directly to school and told everyone that she had to be taken out to sign some papers. Playing it cool all the way out to the parking lot when they finally could tell her "BRIGID, YOU'RE GOING TO BE ON BROADWAY!"

Brigid Harrington in costume as Jane Banks
The next few months were like a whirlwind. Brigid was exceptional throughout the rehearsal process as she quickly mastered the script, blocking, dancing and singing to be ready for her Broadway debut.

Brigid was honored to have performed with three different "Mary's"

Brigid Harrington and Ashley Brown
Brigid with
Ashley Brown

Brigid Harrington and Laura Michelle Kelly
Brigid with
Laura Michelle Kelly

Brigid Harrington and Stephanie Leigh
Brigid with
Stephanie Leigh

Debuting on Broadway is a thrill enough, but Brigid did it while performing with Broadway's original "Mary" Ashley Brown and "Bert" Gavin Lee. Working alongside these two incredibly talented actors and an equally amazing cast and crew was an unbelievable experience.

Brigid then had the opportunity to work with the original London "Mary" as Laura Michele Kelly rejoined the cast. Finally the star from the First National Tour made her Broadway debut, as Stephanie Leigh took over as "Mary". Brigid loved every second working and learning from the best actors on Broadway.

Brigid Never Loses Sight of What a Lucky Girl She Is

Brigid Harrington loves meeting her fams Brigid quickly discovered what the best part of performing on Broadway was...the audience. Greeting fans at the stage door, giving backstage tours, talking to people on the street, at the Broadway flea market, at group ticket events, or on Facebook. Brigid loves every moment meeting people of every age from all over the world. The kindness and support of the people who come to the shows is her ultimate reward.

A Broadway Community That Gives Back

Brigid Harrington
Brigid getting her hair done before a show.
Broadway is great. From the hair and make up people, to the dressers and all the people on stage and back stage that make the magic happen. Brigid is proud to be part of this community that not only provides the finest entertainment in the world, but gives back to the community as well. Brigid loves giving back stage tours and raising money for the annual Equity Fights Aids Fund Drive, singing on "Broadway Carols for a Cure" CD, attending events for Broadway Barks, the "Jimmy" Awards, or just meeting people backstage from celebrities to real American heroes like medal of honor recipient Sergeant Leroy Petry. Brigid learned that giving on stage - and off stage - is what makes Broadway so special.

"Au Revoir, Mary Poppins"

Brigid Harrington on stage at the New Amsterdam Theatre Brigid is excited to take what she learned from her run at Mary Poppins and grow even more as an actor. She has been lucky to have such a well rounded career so far with theater, commercial, voice over, singing, and acting. So Brigid is looking forward to taking a little bit of "Mary" with her every where she goes - be it Broadway, television, or the movies.

"We won't forget you Mary Poppins... we'll never forget!"

Brigid Harrington's headshotBrigid Makes Her Broadway Debut Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Brigid performs at the Student Youth Travel Association Event in New York City

Brigid Harrington