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Brigid Harrington on set of the CarMax commercial

Brigid has been lucky to be performing in commercials for many years. The fun and excitement of a commercial shoot is always something Brigid looks forward to. Even the demanding aspects of a shoot are something she thrives on. Be it a 6am call in near 100 degree temperature or a late night in the studio, Brigid brings a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that her crew and fellow actors always seem to appreciate.

In commercials Brigid can use her natural acting talents to the height of her ability. Playing different characters from one day to the next or using her strong improvisational skills, Brigid thrives on delivering the performance needed for each and every spot.

Working with different directors and crews or seeing familiar faces on set, is something Brigid looks forward to. Her ability to
Brigid Harrington on set of the IKEA Perfect Holiday commercial
Waiting in wardrobe on the set of an IKEA commercial
memorize dialog and give her directors just what they need quickly, has won her praise on set. To her, she is just having fun doing what she loves, and it shows on screen.

Dramatic roles, comical characters, or just being a real everyday natural kid, Brigid has played them all. It's what an actor does, and the good ones make it look easy.

Brigid's experience behind the microphone recording for the Disney Channel and Nickeloden has made her a natural for radio commercials. Bringing the same strengths that she displays on camera, Brigid is a natural in the recording studio. Her timing, precision, and clarity of her speaking voice has made her a favorite of directors.

Brigid can be seen and heard in commercials regionally, nationally, and internationally

Brigid Harrington in the Hasbro Nab-it commercial
A peek at the monitor during the Hasbro "Nab-it!" commercial shoot

Brigid Harrington, Neil Helligers, Felicia Greenfield and Jake Goris on the set of Hasbro Nab-it
Brigid with "TV family" Neil Hellegers, Felicia Greenfield, & Jake Goris on Hasbro shoot

Brigid on set of Comcast shoot
Getting some direction before a take on set of the Comcast shoot. Photo: Tommy Frkovich

It is always a thrill for Brigid to see or hear one of her commercial spots, but since she is busy with school, work, and just being a kid, she usually doesn't get a chance to enjoy them when they are running. Most of the time she hears from others, saying that the saw or heard her, and that is just as rewarding.

Some spots like the one she did for Hasbro Nab-it runs in other parts of the world. Sometimes they are re-cut for markets as far away as Australia. Check out the Australian version of the Nab-it commercial on YouTube.

Brigid Harrington in the Comcast shoot
On-set meeting new people, perfecting her craft

Brigid loves meeting new people. Connecting with her fellow actors and crew on set is always something that makes her happy. She has had the pleasure to work with so many really nice people. She appreciates working in a professional, supportive atmosphere where actors are comfortable to do their best & have fun too!

Most commercials are based around actors playing family members. Brigid of course plays the sister/daughter and has had many TV moms, dads, brothers and sisters. She has been lucky to keep in touch with many of her TV family members, and she sees many of them at auditions or if she is really lucky she gets to work with them again.

Brigid has benefited from the generosity of the people she has worked with in many ways both personally and professionally. Not only has she made life long friends but she has been able to learn from others. Brigid has honed her craft learning from some of the best actors and directors in the business. From observing and working with others she has received an incredible acting education over the years.

Working with others Brigid has developed a work ethic of good humor and professional behavior that have made her an actor wise beyond her years. She looks forward to many more commercial shoots to come.

1 of 2 Twizzlers Radio Spots
Capital One Bank Spot
Comcast "Powerboost" Spot

Listen to Brigid's voiceover on the The University of Notre Dame's "Where We Belong" commercial which aired nationally throughout 2018/2019.

Hasbro's "Nab-it!" commercial aired not only nationally, but around the world too!

CarMax's "Lemonade" commercial.

NJ Quitline's "agitated tween video blogger" commercial.

Shore Memorial Hospital's "Be Selective" commercial.

One in the series of "Don't Rough It" commercials for Comcast.

Professionalism makes each shoot memorable and fun! A still from the Shore Memorial Hospital commercial by M Agency
Brigid has enjoyed acting in many professional and supportive creative environments. Each set has its own unique mix of people and personalities, and Brigid is so thankful and lucky to have worked with the industry's best directors, crews and actors on each and every set.

Brigid Harrington